Terapeak And EBay Bar In-depth Competition Research

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If you've been selling online for quite a while, you know how identifying your competition, apart from product research, leads to a sound profit margin.

And if you're selling on eBay, chances are you're using Terapeak to monitor the sales performance of other sellers who offer the same product as you.

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However it looks like 2017 is going to change that as Terapeak has removed the most valuable feature on its competition research tool because of...eBay!

A few hours before New Year's Eve, Terapeak sent an email to its users, stating that it has agreed with eBay not to show the eBay seller IDs of its users to safeguard their privacy.

Though you'd still be able to see the top-selling products in the new Top Sellers view of Terapeak's Product Research tool, you won't see the names of the sellers anymore.

This basically means you cannot see what your competitors are selling the most of, anymore...

How is Terapeak Beneficial to eBay Sellers?

Terapeak has been partners with eBay for over 12 years now, creating research tools that help sellers find profitable products to sell.

With Terapeak, eBay sellers can see which categories are in demand because of their product line.

Aside from helping them source the right products, Terapeak tracks its users' sales activity.

Its database allows sellers to identify their competitors and, once they have, monitor their strategies.

Whether it's the pricing method or the deals which their competitors run on eBay, sellers use these information to increase their conversion rate.

Who Gets Affected by this Change?

Now that Terapeak has stripped its research tool off the ability to reveal the eBay seller IDs of its users, Terapeakers won't be able to look up the top sellers of a particular product.

However, it is not the same case for merchants who are confined to eBay.

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If you sell on uk ebay online shopping but don't use Terapeak, you can still check out the sales performance of other sellers using the advanced search options of said marketplace.

The only difference is that the information that you'll be getting won't be as comprehensive as what you could get from Terapeak.

Are you a long-time Terapeak user? If so, what's your take on this? Are you still going to use Terapeak after this change forced by eBay?

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