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People who gamble take risks with their hard earned money, and some times they lose that hard earned money: that's why it's called gambling. I enjoy gambling, but I want to gamble in a place that has some class. In short, a casino must have more than rows of slot machines, full ashtrays, and tired cocktail waitresses. I expect a gambling establishment to have (for want of a better word) ambience. The web definition for ambience is: Atmosphere, A particular environment or surrounding influence; "there was an atmosphere of excitement." When I tried to explain what I meant by ambience to my sister, the conversation went something like this: She says: "Ambience, Smambience ----The only ambience I care about in a casino is the 'ambience' around a paying slot machine.

Don't give a tinker's damn what the inside of a casino feels like as long as I can take out more money than I bring in. "But what about that gorgeous fountain above the playing floor that turns all different colors," I say, what about that? "What fountain?" "The one above the playing floor. You have to look up to see it." "Now why would I want to look up when the 100 Lions and Lawman's Loot machines are eye level?" I try a different tactic.

"The Snoqualmie Casino was designed by A Las Vegas-based firm that built "The Mirage." At this point my sister's eyes are beginning to glaze over; she puts her hand over her mouth to suppress a yawn. "Now I understand the hanging fountain." I say: "It doesn't hang, it's mounted...I think. Leastwise, it's put there in such a manner that it won't come crashing down like the chandelier in The Phantom of the Opera." She says: "I see---tell me, dear sister, did I miss any other "Vegas influenced" designs?

Like maybe the gondola ride to the Terra Vista, or maybe the choo choo train bound for the Box Car Deli?" " There's no need for sarcasm, I point out. I happen to like the ambience of the Snoqualmie Casino. "What other road trip casino game could you look out the window and see such a majestic view of the Cascade Mountains? Not to mention, the Bald Eagle I saw nesting in one of the trees." Can you see such natural beauty at the Muckleshoot Casino, or The Emerald Queen?" I challenge.

"I don't think so." To which she says: "I don't go to a casino to look out the window and admire the view. I go to play. I go to win. And the only Eagle I want to see is one, no,---- not one, I want to see five eagles lined up on the paying line of my slot machine. To which I respond: "What about the balcony in the "Sno Lounge" with its killer view of the Snoqualmie Valley and Mount Si?" My sister is now looking at me as if I'm one bottle short of a six pack---- "When do you have time to notice all that Sh----"stuff"?

when you've run out of money and have nothing else to do?" I start to tell her that gambling in a beautiful casino is a treat in itself and that I need something to focus on besides a rows and rows of slot machines and the people who are playing them. "Yeah, I answer, "That's about the size of it."